Restoring Life Ministries Inc.

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Restoring and Empowering God’s People for Kingdom Living

Restoring Life Ministries Inc. is a multi-cultural ministry based in Morgantown, WV that was established to bring hope to the lost, restoration to those who are hurting, bruised, cast aside, and forgotten, and to empower all people with the revelation of God.

We believe in training and equipping leaders to achieve their destinies, and that we are the "arms" of God. As a body, we should be effective in influencing our communities, region, state, nation, and the world through the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are doing this through the fivefold ministry offices according to Ephesians 4:11-12, and by community outreaches. We are generationally-minded Christians not just here for a season. Instead, we have the mentality to get up and stand up to acquire and obtain all that God has for us! 

Come to here a powerful word that will challenge and change you! Visit us on YouTube at Restoring Life Ministries 

Our Purpose

  • To Convert Souls to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To Expound Upon the Word of God
  • To Honor the Holy Ghost

  • To Labor for the Evangelization of the World
  • To Scatter the Word of God According to the Teachings and Practices of the Apostles
  • To Worship the True God


  • Kingdom Expressions Sunday Mornings 10 AM
  • Praise Team Practice: 2nd Saturday of Each Month 
  • LOL Women's Ministry Meeting: 1st Wednesday of Each Month 
  • May 4-6 2018: LOL Women's Retreat
  • Last Sunday in August: Annual Friends and Family Day and Church Cook Out 

  • September 4: Kingdom Expression Starts
  • October : Pastor's Anniversary
  • December : Christmas Program